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1. Booking procedures

Once you have chosen your holiday accommodation, we will need a written confirmation of your booking. This can be done either by e-mail, fax or post. Telephone bookings are also accepted although it is strongly advised to do it in writing.

If the accommodation is available when making a reservation, we will ask you for a 25% deposit of the total amount. The full balance is due six weeks prior to departure.

If the reservation is made on a last minute basis (less than six weeks before arrival), then the full balance is due at time of booking.After booking a property either in writing or by phone, the deposit is due within a week of making the reservation. Costa-holidays will e-mail the client with details of booking. If the deposit is not received within the agreed time limits, Costa-holidays reserves the right to cancel the provisional booking.

The same applies for receipt of total balance. If no payment is made 6 weeks prior to arrival, then Costa-holidays reserves the right to cancel your booking. Deposit will NOT be refunded.

2. Arrivals and departures

Arrival should be after 3pm and departure by 11 am.

These rules will apply specially in peak season and we would be grateful if you could follow them. However, there may be exception and you can notify us in advance if you need to arrive at your property earlier or leave later. This can only be arranged if a Costa-holidays representative has been notified in advance.

3. Payments

Payments can be made by bank transfer or credit card. Credit/debit card payments have a 2% extra charge. For payment transfers, the client will have a choice of two bank accounts where the money can be deposited transfered: In Britain and Spain.

Payments can be made in any two currencies: British pounds and Euro. When making a reservation, you will be asked the currency you wish to use and the amount to be paid will be confirmed to you immediately. Please note that once we have received the amount in anyone currency, the balance outstanding is expected to be paid in the same currency.

4. Security deposit

A 200€ damage deposit will be required. This will be used as a guarantee for any breakage, damage or others (see below for details). The damages, breakages, abuse of electric appliances (A/C) or property has been left in an unsuitable manner are your responsibility, whether these have been made by you or a guest, you will have to either replace any broken item or pay for any of the above.

We would also ask you to leave the property in a suitable way. If excessive cleaning has to be used (more than 3 hours), we reserve the right to charge you for excess cleaning at a rate of 12€ per hour.

5. Prices and the web site

Costa-holidays reserves the right to amend, update and correct any details found on our website. Although we will try our best to ensure prices do not vary for at least a year but cannot take responsibility for any price changes made by owners. Therefore we will ask you to make sure when making a reservation to check the rental price listed on the website as these may have been altered since the last time you have seen them.

6. Discounts and special offers

Costa-holidays will from time to time advertise properties at a discounted rate. These offers will be valid for a period of time and upon availability.

It is extremely important when making a reservation to mention “the special offer”. Failure to do so may result in you paying for the total balance if the property is no longer available during the “special offer” period.

7. Building work

At Costa-holidays, we will do our best to offer you a property that is suitable to your needs. The Costa Del Sol is today a region in great development, and for those of you that have visited this region in previous years, you will be amazed at the changes that have occurred lately. Investments have flourished and many new developments are being built. Therefore, we cannot accept any responsibility for any building work that has started close to your rental accommodation. We will obviously inform you of the surroundings of your rented accommodation if we are made aware of any unusual detail but cannot accept responsibility for any inconvenience in this respect.

8. Amendments and Cancellations

Amendments or Cancellations made by us

If for reason beyond our control, there have been minor changes to your accommodation, we will inform you in writing of the changes and offer you a property to the same standards. Minor changes to your accommodation cannot result in cancelling your booking as an alternative has been offered to you. However, if no such property is available, we will offer you: a) a cheaper accommodation thus handing the difference back or b) a more expensive one in which case we expect you to pay for the difference. If you do not wish to accept either, we will refund all monies to you. If we have been unable to offer you any kind of accommodation, all monies will be refunded and compensation will be given according to the time of notice.

No compensation will be offered if the notice takes place more than 4 weeks prior to arrival. A 30€ compensation will be paid to you if we inform you 2 to 4 weeks prior to arrival and a 60€ compensation will be paid if we inform you less than 2 weeks before arrival.

Amendments or cancellations made by you

Once the reservation has been confirmed, you are bound to arrive and depart on the day and dates agreed. If for any reason, you may need to amend those dates, we will obviously be happy to oblige. This will only be possible if the property is available. If we are unable to help you, we will expect you to arrive on the dates agreed previously. Failure to do so will result in you losing any monies paid to us.

If we cannot offer you the same property but have something else for the new dates, we will expect you to pay for the difference immediately. A 10€ administration charge will incur. If for reasons beyond your control, you have to cancel your holiday, any payment or deposits made will NOT be refunded if the cancellation occurs less than 6 weeks prior to date of arrival. Deposits are non refundable.

However, Costa-holidays will do its utmost to re-book your accommodation, and if we succeed in doing so, we will refund you any monies paid less an administration charge of 40€. A 15€ administration charge will incur if the cancellation is made more than six weeks prior to arrival. A full refund will be paid if cancellation is confirmed more than 6 months prior to arrival, less an administration charge of 10€.

09. Insurance and Personal safety

We strongly advise you to get a proper insurance cover before going on holiday. It is your responsibility to arrange for it. Costa-holidays representatives will be at hand, to help you in any matter regarding you or your family’s health and would be there for you, should you need that extra help to find a local GP or hospital.

Personal safety

Cultures can be very different from one place to the other and Spain is no exception. We would ask you to be very careful when using electrical appliances in your accommodation as the safety standards may not be to the same level as your home country. We will ask you to report immediately any defective item in the property. We will not be made responsible for any accident, death or physical disability occurred while on holiday and strongly advise you to take up an insurance that would cover such events.

Also, a large number of road accidents have occurred in the past year on the Costa Del Sol. We would appreciate if you took extra care; as a driver but also as a pedestrian. You will be surprised to see that even in urban areas, drivers do not respect road signs. Costa-holidays will not be responsible for any accident that have occurred to you while on holiday.

10. Your requirements

We would advise you to inform us at time of bookings of any requirements necessary to your stay. This may include a specific accommodation or items for disabled people, a baby cot, an extra bed or anything that may be suitable to your needs. Costa-holidays will not be responsible if you fail to inform us in advance of such needs.

11. Force majeure

Although Costa-holidays and its local agents will do everything in their power to ensure you have good holiday, we cannot be made responsible for any events that may occur during your stay; this include

  • Adverse weather conditions which would affect directly or indirectly your stay.
  • War or any political instability which may force you to leave early.
  • Floods.
  • Building work.
  • Noise resulting from surrounding areas.